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I had a dream to memorize the Holy Quran and become a Hafiza one day. I joined "Live Quran Academy" because One-to-one Quran classes are very beneficial and the class timings are convenient and flexible. I have noticed an improvement in my Quran recitation and my dream is slowly becoming a reality."Sister Sidrah, Canada" ------- You guys are really doing an excellent and fantastic contribution to help us here with best and quality education and knowledge to our kids....ALLAH will surely bestow HIS blessings to the Quran Academy staff {INSHALLAH} "Fahim, Calgary, Canada" ------- My daughters love "Live Quran academy" they have learnt so much that will surely benefit them for their whole life and the hereafter. I am very satisfied with Quran academy and do urge people to join this wonderful place for learning. Teachers teach with great patients & dedication, and the children learn a lot from it. "Shazia Khan, Sydney, Australia"
About us

LiveQuranAcademy.com was established in early 2008 and serving all around the globe (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Denmark, Sweden etc). In UK, working with the collaboration of Cryptopaksolutions Ltd, registered in London, UK. The quality Islamic education (Quran Reading with rules of tajweed, Islamic Principles, and Islamic Morals) are the basic need and true identity of every Muslim but people living in non-Muslim countries faces great difficulties to provide such Islamic education to their kids.

"Live Quran Academy" was established with the aim to provide such Islamic education (Quran Learning, Tafseer of Quran, Islamic Principles) to those, who do not have the availability of Islamic Scholars near to their homes or they had to travel a long to some Islamic School to learn the basics of Islam and even there they do not get one to one tutoring. "Live Quran Academy" started Online One-to-One live interactive classes by focusing on the quality education and established the working standard to get the ultimate success. .

Now ALHAMDULILLAH, students from all over the globe (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Denmark, and Sweden) are learning the Holy Quran and other basics of Islam from "Live Quran Academy" Online. It is just because of the help of Allah Sub'han Ta'ala that Quran academy is serving now in all these countries and highly dedicated, committed and cooperative staff made this idea successful. It gives us great pleasure when the parents comment like the following:

"Tears come in my eyes because now my kids love to read Qur'an , memorize kalimas, sura ,Nimaz . Yes my son knows how to do nimaz and what to read in nimaz just in one year thanks Online Quran Academy because they have very good method to teach them and motivate them. I don't have words that I say thanks to LiveQuranAcademy.com but I always pray for them by heart because my son has started reading Quran and my little one is at the end of Qaida. This credit goes to Online Quran academy because my kids were going in Islamic School(masjid) from two years but they were on Qaida because of the weather lots of miss Quran classes and lots of thing but now I don't worry because now no long driving and weather. At home they can do easily from a live tutor online.I admire them front of any body."
Sister Nusrat, New Jersey, USA

Our Quran Tutors:

  • Have in-depth knowledge of Tajweed.

  • Well trained, committed and cooperative who teach in a very friendly learning environment.

  • Have excellent command on Arabic, English and Urdu languages to deliver lecture and Communicate with the student.

  • Understand the level of student and teach according to the need and speed of each student.

Highly cooperative and supportive management of "Live Quran Academy" frequently organize the training sessions with Quran teachers and gets feedback from the students who are learning Quran Online so that high level of demand for its Quran Academy's services and the ever increasing need do not waver its quality education and high standard.

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